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  • gather 53 N Sandusky St Delaware, Ohio 43015 USA (map)

Weekly on Mondays 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Starting February 4 2019 through March 25 2019

Begin your yoga practice with this 8 week course that is sure to get you moving, breathing, and interested in all things yoga! We will go over asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation basics, and learn about the Chakra system (a way to bring balance into your life).

Each week will build upon the previous week in terms of practice and information, you will receive a gratitude gift each week to enhance your practice, there will also be time at the end of each class for journaling, tea, and conversation.

In addition to all of the above: you will receive a 15 minute private session with Emily! These will be scheduled on the first class.

Week 1 2/4: Just the Basics! Understanding why we practice certain styles of yoga, Breathing basics, learning several yoga postures that are good to do everyday, basics of pranayama & meditation.

Week 2 2/11: Chakra 1 basics, practice focusing on the feet & legs, balancing, exhale retention pranayama, one pointed focus meditation.

Week 3 2/18: Chakra 2 basics, practice focusing on all sides of the hips, nadi shodana pranayama, one pointed focus meditation.

Week 4 2/25: Chakra 3 basics, practice focusing on the core, inhale retention pranayama, one pointed focus meditation.

Week 5 3/4: Chakra 4 basics, chest and heart opening practice, inhale/exhale retention pranayama, meta meditation.

Week 6 3/11: Chakra 5 basics, jaw, neck, and shoulder opening practice, nadi shodana pranayama, kundalini meditation.

Week 7 3/18: Chakra 6 & 7 basics, Yin practice, 3 count pranayama, chakra balancing meditation.

Week 8 3/25: Restorative Practice, yoga nidra, end of session wrap up!